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Important P&T Information and Updates

Starting June 13: Orange Line detours due to construction; stops affected

UTS is currently operating Modified Recess Service

Transportation and Parking Committee Notes and Membership

Committee Charge:

The Committee on Transportation and Parking shall be charged with the following responsibilities: to review, develop, and recommend policies and practices relative to parking and transportation support to the University community; to advise on long-range planning issues involving parking and transportation at the University. The Committee shall provide assistance and relevant input to the Department of Parking and Transportation for the following:

  • Provision of a viable fee-based parking management system on the academic campus.
  • Provision and operation of a safe, efficient bus service that supports the academic, cultural, operational, and social activities of a comprehensive University, and provides timely service to and from the Grounds and areas of the surrounding community.
  • Facilitation of the orderly flow of vehicular, bicycle, micro-mobility, and pedestrian traffic at the University, while minimizing conditions which unnecessarily impede traffic both within the University and in areas contiguous to the University.
  • Provision of regional transportation initiatives and partnerships.
  • Review of budgets and appropriate fees for parking and transportation services and enforcement.

Current Committee Members 


  • Barker, Nicolas -- Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Foster, Stuart -- Information Technology Services
  • Palmer, William -- Office of the Architect
  • Romer, Patricia -- Housing and Residence Life
  • Stanis, Mark -- Facilities Management
  • Wenger, Jess -- Environmental Projects Manager, Facilities Management, Committee Chair
  • Bagherian, Ava -- Student Representative from the Student Council Safety & Wellness Committee
  • Howell, Kendall -- Department of Parking and Transportation


  • Drayton, Carey -- Office of Emergency Preparedness, Safety & Security Committee Chair
  • White, Becca -- Department of Parking and Transportation

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