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Motorcycles and Mopeds

Parking and Operation

Motorcycles and mopeds are considered motor vehicles in Virginia and are subject to parking and operating restrictions similar to other vehicles while on Grounds. All motorcycles and mopeds must be registered with Virginia's Department of Motor Vehicles and are required to have valid license plates and VIN numbers clearly displayed. In addition, they must have a parking permit, which authorizes them to park in designated locations on Grounds, and are subject to parking enforcement.

Obtaining a Permit

For instructions on how to purchase a permit and for current permit rates, begin here.

Parking Locations

The motorcycle and moped parking map shows the designated parking locations. Be aware that locations are designated via signage as either moped parking only, motorcycle parking only, or moped and motorcycle parking. Motorcycle and mopeds are also authorized to park in traditional vehicle spaces in Blue/Commuter lots. Note, some parking locations may be temporarily closed due to construction.

Parking in the following areas is expressly prohibited:

  • At bike racks
  • On sidewalks and in green spaces (unless designated otherwise with signage)
  • In an area that blocks building access or egress
  • Inside residence halls and other University buildings

Parking Design

Many of motorcycle and moped parking locations around Grounds have been painted to provide individual parking spaces for vehicles. Drivers are expected to park their vehicles within the parking spaces and are subject to parking enforcement if parked outside of them/not utilizing the space correctly.

Ex: A motorcycle parked correctly within the parking space. This parking location can accommodate five motorcycles.

A parking design that riders may not be familiar with is the "herringbone" design. This design converts one traditional parking space in four or five moped parking spaces. Drivers should park their moped within a single striped space and not block access to the other spaces. Motorcycles cannot park in parking locations that utilize the herringbone design. 

Ex. Two traditional parking spaces converted using the herringbone design, creating eight moped parking spaces.

Some designated parking locations do not have individual parking spaces for moped and motorcycles, but are an area that can fit multiple vehicles. In these locations, drivers are expected to park their vehicle in an orderly manner and not block others in so they can't exit the parking location.

Driving Safely

As motor vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds are subject to the Virginia traffic code and must follow the rules of the road, including but not limited to:

  • Riding only on the roadway (riding on sidewalks and green spaces is prohibited)
  • Obeying speed limits and traffic signs and signals
  • Yielding to pedestrians
  • Wearing a helmet (drivers and passengers)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my vehicle classified as a motorcycle or moped?

For P&T's permitting purposes, mopeds have a step-through frame and are designed for feet to rest flat on a platform in front of the driver. These vehicles are also commonly referred to as "scooters", but should not be confused with much smaller, stand-up, electric-powered scooters.


Conversely, motorcycles have a step-over frame and require the driver to straddle the vehicle.


If you are still unsure if your vehicle is a motorcycle or moped, please email

I am a first-year student. Can I have a moped on Grounds?

Yes, first-year students may have a moped on Grounds. They are not permitted to have a motorcycle.

What precautions can I take to reduce the chances of moped theft?

Because of their lighter weight and ease of access and maneuverability, mopeds are common targets for thieves. Implement the following measures to decrease the likelihood that your moped is targeted:

  • Don't leave your key in the ignition.
  • Use the anti-theft measures that come built into the moped e.g., engaging the steering lock.
  • Moped Covers - in addition to protecting your vehicle from the elements, covers are a great initial deterrent.
  • U Locks, Disc Locks, Chain Locks - these locks, when engaged, will make it impossible for your moped to be rolled away. It is strongly recommended that a combination of two of these different style locks be used, but all mopeds should at least have one.

Remember, no anti-theft measure is full-proof. The idea is to layer protective measures so that your vehicle isn't an easy target and isn't worth the trouble to potential thieves.

Do I have to pay the meter when parking in motorcycle/moped parking at a rec center?

Yes, motorcycles and mopeds are subject to the same hourly parking requirements as others when parking at a rec center. Hourly parking can be purchased via the ParkMobile app.

Can moped and motorcycle accessories be stored at parking locations?

Helmets, locks, and other accessories need to be stored on or in the vehicle. Loose items will be removed by P&T.

Can I store extra fuel and other vehicle fluid at my residence hall?

No, fuel and other vehicle fluids may not be stored inside or outside of any residence hall or at any other location on Grounds. Any container suspected of holding these fluids will be confiscated and disposed of without reimbursement.

Can I leave my vehicle on Grounds over the summer?

Students that are in Charlottesville for the summer may continue to use their vehicles on Grounds. Students that are away for the summer may not leave their vehicle parked on Grounds. These vehicles will be subject to parking enforcement.

UVA P&T does not offer moped storage at this time.