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Important P&T Information and Updates

UTS is currently operating on Exam Service. UVA Health Commuter Service is experiencing a detour.

Health System Team Members

Team members may not park in patient parking areas while at work unless operations have been modified for an incident and normal parking restrictions have been modified.

Team members may request placement on waiting lists for permits in closer lots by clicking here:

Questions? Contact Health System Parking Office at 434.924.5147 or email

Daily Parking

Team members who work at UVA hospital on Central Grounds may purchase a Commuter permit or permits for the Emmet/Ivy Parking Garage. Team members who work at Fontaine Research Park or Northridge may purchase permits for those specific locations. Start the process by applying Daily Parking Application.

Hourly and Daily parking may also be purchased via ParkMobile in many locations.


Valid Locations: John Paul Jones Arena (including JPJ East, South, and West Lots and JPJ Garage), The Park, Police Station, Visitors Center

Details: Parking at John Paul Jones Arena is restricted during certain events, requiring permit holders to relocate to the Emmet/Ivy Garage. Please check the JPJ Impact Schedule frequently if you are a Blue permit holder.

Bus Service: University Transit Service Blue Line provides service to Grounds from the Emmet/Ivy Garage.

The CAT Route 7 also provides service from JPJ to Central Grounds. You can ride the CAT fare free with a valid UVA ID. 


Valid Locations: Emmet/Ivy Garage

Details: The Emmet/Ivy Garage requires a valid EIG permit. To add your name to the waitlist, please visit:

Bus Service: University Transit Service Blue Line provides service to Grounds from the Emmet/Ivy Garage.


Permit Type: U9

Valid Locations: Fontaine Research Park (U9 Parking Areas Only), Commuter Lots (U6 at Northridge, John Paul Jones Arena, The Park, Police Station, Visitors Center)

Hospital Shuttle Service -- Note: a UVA Health log-on is required.


Permit Type: U6

Valid Locations: Northridge Medical Office Building (U6 Parking Areas Only), Commuter Lots (U9 at Fontaine, John Paul Jones Arena, Carruthers, The Park, Police Station, Visitors Center, Rehabilitation Center)

Bus Service:

After-Hours Parking

Team members who work shifts at UVA Hospital on Central Grounds that start after 5PM and end by 7AM the next morning or who work during the weekend can request a nighttime transponder for the hospital parking garages. Start the process by applying using the link After Hours Parking Application


Permit Type: Night-Time Transponder (Reserved Parking - Commuter Permits)

Valid Locations: 11th Street Garage (Levels D-G) OR South Garage on Crispell

Price: One-time $10.00 Deposit
Details: The gate card may only be used in the garage Monday-Friday, between 5:30pm-9:00am and at all times Saturday & Sunday.

Moped, Motorcycle, and Bike Parking at the UVA Medical Center

Moped and Motorcycle Parking Application

Please consider registering your bicycle or moped with the University Police Department.


The UVA Medical Center can be accessed by bike from most areas of Charlottesville. Bike racks are located in convenient locations near Medical Center buildings.

Mopeds & Motorcycles 

There are several locations near the UVA Medical Center reserved for moped and motorcycle parking. Team Members must purchase a moped parking permit from UVA Parking and Transportation.

Moped & Motorcycle Map

For more information on motorcycles and mopeds, click HERE.

Team Member Accommodation for Medical Condition or Disability

Team members with a DMV-issued disability plate or placard are not eligible to park in disability parking stalls intended for patients. Team members may explore a parking or transportation accommodation due to a medical condition or disability by contacting the Health System Parking Office to request the appropriate forms and review. If the review results in a parking assignment, associated parking rates apply. If the parking need is temporary due to medical needs the parking fees cannot be payroll deducted. Team members are required to pay up front in either 3-6 month increments depending on the length of the temporary parking request. State issued DMV handicap placards do not automatically qualify a person for an accommodation for a close-in parking permit.

Health System Parking Office
West Complex, Davis Hallway, Room 1289
Box 800456
(434) 924-5147