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Dockless Scooters and Bikes

The University is committed to the safety and well-being of pedestrians, people with disabilities, bicyclists, and other users of the public rights-of-way in and around University Grounds, including the Medical Center. Due to this commitment, the University has established requirements for the riding, parking, and storing of dockless eScooters and electric power-assist bicycles on University Grounds, including the Medical Center. 

Keys to Success 

Follow the rules to keep scooters on Grounds! 

Whether using a personally owned device, or one of the vendors participating in the city’s pilot program, the following practices will advance the success of the program and insure compliance with UVA policy

  • Operate on the streets and in bike lanes. Do not operate or park these devices on sidewalks or inside of University Buildings.
  • When in operation, obey traffic laws including street signs, traffic lights, and speed limits. Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Use caution when approaching and passing pedestrians.
  • Park the device upright in an available space within designated hubs for UBike parking or in designated motorcycle/moped parking areas. If the desired UBike hub or motorcycle/moped parking area is full, proceed to the next closest and available UBike hub or motorcycle/moped parking area.
  • Do not bring the devices inside any UVA building.
  • Do not charge the device from any UVA source of electricity.

Safe and Respectful Riding

If using one of the vendor-provided devices, be aware of your personal responsibility as outlined in your agreement with the vendor.

scooter safety graphic

Free Helmets 

Bird and Lime have made helmets available free for their users, through their respective phone apps.

How to Park

Devices parked outside of designated areas create significant issues for those using ramps, handrails, curb cuts, bus stops, doors, stairs, etc. The issue is especially acute for people with disabilities who, along with everyone else, rely on open and safe access. Improper parking also creates operational hazards for transit, landscaping, maintenance, etc. Be thoughtful and park the device responsibly. 


Please park responsibility and in designated areas on Grounds. A map of UBike parking locations can be found below. When parking near UBike hubs, place the scooter as near to the rack as is practical, or in the rack if space allows. Be mindful not to impede pedestrian and ADA access.


When riding off-Grounds, it is still important to park responsibly, Please follow all city guidelines including:

  1. Do not ride on sidewalks. Ride scooters in bike lanes where possible, and in the street with the flow of traffic. 
  2. These devices are not be ridden on the bricked portion of the Downtown Mall, the Corner, or Court Square. 
  3. Do not park on private property unless the company specifically allows it at a certain location. 
  4. Park as close to the curb as possible.
  5. Park on a hard surface whenever possible. Scooters may tip over when parked on grass or mulch. 


Provide Feedback

Information about the city’s pilot program, which will run through July 2019, can be found here:

General feedback about the city’s pilot program can be emailed to

Vendor-provided devices that are improperly parked can be reported via the phone number printed on the device. The city’s pilot program requires the vendor respond to that call within 2 hours.

The MyCville app includes a specific reporting link for dockless eScooter and eBicycle issues. Information about the MyCville app can be found at this link:

Impounding and Removing:

The University and Medical Center reserve the right to impound devices that are not in compliance. Impoundment fees apply.

More information:

The UVA Department of Parking & Transportation is responsible for the issuance and administration of the University eScooter and electrical-assist bicycle program and the regulations governing appropriate process, use, parking, and storage of dockless eScooters and eBikes. The University Police Department is responsible for enforcing moving violations and/or other life safety issues.