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Important P&T Information and Updates

UTS is currently operating full Academic and UVA Health Commuter Service

Green, Orange, and Gold lines currently detouring due to Scott Stadium Construction

Student Health and Wellness Center Parking Information

Welcome to the Student Health & Wellness Center

  • Kinesiology Patients: Please check in and register your vehicle at your appointment. Remember your license plate! 

  • Student Health and Wellness Center Appointments: Please register your vehicle at your appointment located within the Student Health and Wellness building upon arrival. Remember your license plate!

Registration is required Monday through Friday 7:30AM until 5:00PM. Ticketing & towing are enforced. 

The upper level (P1) of the garage is reserved for students with appointments at Student Health and Wellness during their appointment time. The lower level (P2) of the garage and surrounding parking locations are permit only areas.

Parking outside of marked parking spaces, to include parallel parking along walls or within drivelanes, is strictly prohibited.