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Important P&T Information and Updates

Beginning Monday, May 10, 2021, UTS is running Summer 2021 Service. Gold Line and Orange Line does not operate on weekends, Green Line does not run, Gold Line operates on a 30-minute frequency, and service on Academic Routes ends at 8:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Please visit our University Transit Service page for more details.

Beginning Monday, May 10, 2021, Safe Ride service is provided by Charlottesville Yellow Cab. Safe Ride - Provided by Yellow Cab is available from 10:00 PM to 7:30 AM, 7 days per week. Please see our Safe Ride page for more information.

  • For information regarding parking options for Final Exercises, please visit the Class of 2020 and/or Finals 2021 pages on the Office of Major Events site. Parking information during Final Exercises can be found HERE!
  • University Transit Service (UTS) at the University of Virginia's Department of Parking and Transportation is seeking reliable Transit Bus Drivers. Click HERE for more information!
  • Please use our Operating Status page for today's service level and updates during times of inclement weather.
  • Please see our Service Schedule for the future schedule of daily transit and parking service levels.
  • Safe Ride - Provided by Yellow Cab is available from 10:00 PM to 7:30 AM, 7 days per week. Please see our Safe Ride page for more information.
  • Parking meters and pay stations in all applicable parking locations have been removed or deactivated. Please use ParkMobile for metered parking.
  • Parking permits, including student permits can be purchased via the Online Parking Portal.

Walk and Bike

Bike in front of a Lawn room

Walking and biking are healthy, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly ways of getting around Grounds. Most places at UVA and around Charlottesville are accessible by biking or walking.

Pedestrian Resources

The University maintains a lighted pathway map and emergency phones in high traffic corridors to help pedestrians stay safe when walking late at night.

UVA also partners with LiveSafe to offer a mobile safety app, which allows you to invite friends/family to virtually “SafeWalk” with you to your destination.

Bike Resources

Information about biking can be found on the SMART Transportation map, including the location of striped and shared bike lanes, bike racks, dismount zones, bike fix-it stations, interaction with Transit, and more. Both UVA and city buses are equipped with bike racks to extend the range of bikers.

Bike pumps are available for free rental through several UVA libraries, including:

  • Alderman Library
  • Brown Library (Clark Hall)
  • Clemons Library
  • Fine Arts Library (Architecture School)
  • Health Sciences Library
  • Music Library (Cabell Hall)
  • Physics Library

Bicycle Tips and Reminders:

  • When riding at night, cyclists must use proper lighting: white light in front, red in back.
  • It is the cyclists' responsibility to be familiar with all State Laws and Regulations.
  • Cyclists may be required to dismount in some areas. Cyclists are prohibited from riding on sidewalks as well as the Lawn and adjoining pathways. 
  • Ride on the right side of the road, in the same direction as traffic.
  • Watch for cars and buses turning right in front of you. It may be difficult for them to see you.
  • Cyclists must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.
  • Cyclists are prohibited from wearing earphones while riding.
  • Bicycles should be parked and locked in the racks provided as indicated on the map.
  • It is a good idea to register your bike with the University Police such that it may be returned to you if stolen.

Bicycle and Scooter Registration

UVA Police offers online bicycle and scooter registration to students, faculty, and staff of the University. A UVA Police decal will be sent to you via mail to be placed on your bicycle/scooter for further identification and deterrence. If your bicycle/scooter is stolen or lost, we will have all the necessary information for a police report and enter in NCIC & VCIN computer systems. If another police department finds the bicycle/scooter anywhere in the USA we will be notified.

Shower Facilities for Bike Commuters

Several University buildings have shower facilities that can be utilized by faculty and staff who commute by bike. A list of these facilities is provided below, including room number, gender, and any access restrictions. Additional rules and regulations may be made on a building-to-building basis. Please contact a building administrator if you have any questions.