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Important P&T Information and Updates

UTS is currently operating on Recess and UVA Health Commuter Service Levels

UTS OnDemand

What is UTS OnDemand? 

UTS OnDemand is a fare-free van shuttle service that provides rides for University community members to areas in and around Grounds during overnight hours. 

  • Its primary function is to get students home quickly and safely after late-night study sessions, work shifts, or from just hanging out with friends. 

UTS OnDemand is a demand and response transportation service with flexible routes. 

  • Unlike a bus that follows a fixed route on a set schedule, OnDemand only performs a pick-up when a request is made by a rider. After the pick-up, OnDemand either takes the rider directly to their requested stop or makes an additional pick-up to maximize van capacity before completing the drop-off. 
  • Ride requests are made via the TransLoc app.

UTS OnDemand uses fixed pick-up and drop-off locations.

  • There are over 50 locations to choose from in and around Grounds.
  • The TransLoc app will show the user's location in relationship to the surrounding pick-up and drop-off locations. Click here to see a list of all the current locations. Recommendations for additional pick-up and drop-off locations can be submitted via the feedback form.
  • Be at the pick-up location when the van arrives as if you were catching the bus.
  • Vans will only wait 3 minutes after arriving at the pick-up location. After 3 minutes, the ride will be canceled, the rider will be marked a "No Show", and the driver will move on to the next ride request.

UTS OnDemand overlaps operating times with UTS Night Pilot bus service during Full, Weekend, and Exam Service.

  • OnDemand focuses on areas not directly served by the Night Pilot bus route, namely North Grounds, Faulkner, Copeley, the International Residence College (IRC), Rugby/Grady, 14th St, West Main, etc.
  • When the Night Pilot is in service, available OnDemand locations within the Night Pilot route area are limited to restricted use. Restricted use locations must be paired with locations marked "hub" for a ride to be requested succesfully. Riders cannot request rides from one restricted use location to another. Restricted and hub statuses are indicated in the location name when requesting a ride via the Transloc app.
  • Riders may need to use both OnDemand and the Night Pilot route in one trip to get to their destination. If so, riders should use the Shannon Library hub as their connection point.
  • When the Night Pilot is not in service, the OnDemand service area expands to cover the areas that were being served by the bus route. All OnDemand location pairings are permitted at that time.

Service Details

Days and Times of Operation

For the current days and times of operation, refer to the Service Schedule.

UTS OnDemand may suspend its operation without advance notice should conditions be judged unsafe. During inclement weather and emergency situations, please visit the P&T Operating Status Board to check the status of OnDemand.

How to Request a Ride Using TransLoc

To request a ride on UTS OnDemand, the rider needs to submit a ride request using the TransLoc app.


  1. Log into the TransLoc app using your University Account (NetBadge)
  2. Select the OnDemand tab along the bottom of the screen, and tap the screen to open the UTS OnDemand service map.
  3. Input the pickup and drop off locations. There are two ways to do this:
    • Select the pickup or drop off text field, type the location name, and select the appropriate location, or
    • Select a location from the pins on the map, then select whether it is the pickup or drop off location
  4. Select "Request Ride".

If there are any problems using the app or there is a question/concern, the rider can reach the OnDemand dispatcher at (434-924-7711) during operating hours.

Rider Responsibilities

  • Be at the pick-up location when the van arrives as if you were catching the bus.
  • Present a valid UVA ID to the driver.
  • Confirm the van number that was assigned to you in the TransLoc app. Each van has its assigned number posted on the body of the van just under its side-view mirrors. 
  • Cancel a ride request if unable to meet the requested ride in the TransLoc app.

Prohibited Activities and Items

Riders displaying any unsafe or prohibited behavior are subject to referral to the University Police Department and/or the Office of the Dean of Students. This behavior includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Smoking, vaping, eating, or drinking in the van
  • Belligerent, aggressive, and any other unsafe behavior or activity, including intoxication
  • Discharging of bodily fluids inside the van
  • "No showing" requested rides (to cancel a ride use the TransLoc app or call (434-924-7711)
  • Excessive canceling of requested rides

The following are not permitted in the vans:

  • Open alcohol containers and/or lit cigarettes
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Luggage, bicycles, and/or any article too large to fit on the rider's lap or at the rider's feet
  • Animals except service animals

Any mess made in the van by the rider or their guests is subject to a $150 cleaning fee.

UTS OnDemand Vans

OnDemand operates the following vehicles:

Van 4: 2015 Toyota Sienna (blue)

Van 5: 2017 Dodge Caravan (white)

Van 7: 2017 Ford Transit (white)

Van 11: 2021 Chrysler Pacifica (silver)

Van 12: 2020 Ford Transit (white)

Van 13: 2023 Chrysler Voyager (white)

Van 14: 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan (silver)  


Have some feedback you believe will improve UTS OnDemand service? Click here to submit it.