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Student Parking

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Purchasing a Permit

Student permits are sold each August at the Parking and Transportation Office located at 1101 Millmont Street and online. 

Students Living Off-Grounds may purchase a Blue or Emmet/Ivy Garage permit at anytime during the year at the Parking and Transportation Office.

Some on-Grounds housing has parking available for residents. Parking is often limited. Students not assigned a parking space may purchase a permit for the Emmet/Ivy Garage. Resident staff parking assignments are made through Housing and Residence Life.

Building Permit
Bice K2
Copeley III/IV S1
Faulkner S4
Hereford Residential College S9
Language Houses S0
Lambeth Field Residential Area S2

Graduate and Faculty/Staff Housing

Building Permit
Copeley Hill Apartments  F1
University Gardens F1
Piedmont Housing  F1

Please note that Student Permits are not automatically renewed from year-to-year.


Temporary Permits

Students who do not wish to purchase a permit for the entire permit year have the option to purchase temporary parking permits for the lots at University Hall (U-Hall) for up to thirteen weeks.

Motorcycle and Mopeds

All mopeds operated on Virginia roadways must be titled and registered with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Moped drivers must also carry a government-issued Photo ID, wear a helmet, and wear a face shield, safety glasses or goggles (unless the moped has a windshield). Visit for more information.

All mopeds are required to have a valid U.Va Moped Parking Permit to park in designated motorcycle and moped parking spaces on grounds. Students wishing to register a motorcycle should visit the Motorcycle Parking Information section.


First Years 

University policy prohibits undergraduate first-year students from having vehicles on-Grounds during their first-year (fall & spring semesters). The policy governing use of vehicles by first-year students can be found in the Undergraduate Record ( Students should contact John Cheney, Assistant Dean of Students, at if they wish to request a first-year parking exception. First-year parking exceptions are only granted in extraordinary circumstances. 

Students should include the following information in their email to Dean Cheney: their name, where they live on-Grounds, the reason for the request, and the length of time for the request (full academic year or for a certain period of time). First-year student athletes with regular practices away from Grounds should notify their coaches, and the Athletic Department will contact Dean Cheney.