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Important P&T Information and Updates

Beginning Monday, May 10, 2021, UTS is running Summer 2021 Service. Gold Line and Orange Line does not operate on weekends, Green Line does not run, Gold Line operates on a 30-minute frequency, and service on Academic Routes ends at 8:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Please visit our University Transit Service page for more details.

Beginning Monday, May 10, 2021, Safe Ride service is provided by Charlottesville Yellow Cab. Safe Ride - Provided by Yellow Cab is available from 10:00 PM to 7:30 AM, 7 days per week. Please see our Safe Ride page for more information.

  • For information regarding parking options for Final Exercises, please visit the Class of 2020 and/or Finals 2021 pages on the Office of Major Events site. Parking information during Final Exercises can be found HERE!
  • University Transit Service (UTS) at the University of Virginia's Department of Parking and Transportation is seeking reliable Transit Bus Drivers. Click HERE for more information!
  • Please use our Operating Status page for today's service level and updates during times of inclement weather.
  • Please see our Service Schedule for the future schedule of daily transit and parking service levels.
  • Safe Ride - Provided by Yellow Cab is available from 10:00 PM to 7:30 AM, 7 days per week. Please see our Safe Ride page for more information.
  • Parking meters and pay stations in all applicable parking locations have been removed or deactivated. Please use ParkMobile for metered parking.
  • Parking permits, including student permits can be purchased via the Online Parking Portal.

Old Ivy Shuttle

A Safe Ride van used as the Old Ivy Shuttle

Service Change Due to Public Health Emergency

Effective Thursday, March 19, Old Ivy Shuttle service will be suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak. Updates will be communicated on our website and Twitter @UVAUTS.

Old Ivy Shuttle is a free van shuttle that connects the Old Ivy Rd. corridor to Central Grounds and UVA Health. The shuttle is an option for employees on Old Ivy Rd. to get to meetings on Grounds, while also providing transportation for visitors to the departments along Old Ivy Rd.

The shuttle is currently a pilot program.

How do I ride?

The shuttle is free to ride and available to everyone. UVA ID is not required. Simply arrive at a stop and either board or wait for a van.

For the pilot program, the shuttle uses Safe Ride vans like in the photo above.

When does it run?

The shuttle runs 7:50 AM to 5:50 PM, Monday through Friday. It runs every 20 minutes on the following hourly timetable:

Old Ivy Rd. to Central Grounds and UVA Health

Departing Arriving
2420 Old Ivy Rd. 2405 Ivy Rd. Central Grounds @ Ridley Hall UVA Health @ Lane Rd.
:10 :12 :20 :25
:30 :32 :40 :45
:50 :52 :00 :05

UVA Health and Central Grounds to Old Ivy Rd.

Departing Arriving
UVA Health @ Lane Rd. Central Grounds @ UVA Bookstore 2405 Ivy Rd.* 2420 Old Ivy Rd.
:10 :15 :20 :25
:30 :35 :40 :45
:50 :55 :00 :05

How to Use These Timetables

If you work at 2420 Old Ivy Rd. and have a meeting at Newcomb Hall at 10:00 AM, you would catch the shuttle outside your office departing at 9:30 AM. This will bring you to the Ridley Hall stop by 9:40 AM, leaving you plenty of time to walk to your meeting. To return, catch the shuttle across Emmet St. at UVA Bookstore.

If you work at the Hospital and have an HR appointment at 2:30 PM, you would catch the shuttle at Lane Rd. departing at 2:10 PM. This will bring you to 2420 Old Ivy Rd. by 2:25 PM.

*If no passengers request to get off at 2405 Ivy Rd., this stop may be skipped. 2405 Ivy Rd. is always serviced after leaving 2420 Old Ivy Rd. to pick up any passengers heading to Grounds or UVA Health.

Where does it take me?

The shuttle stops at:

  • 2420 Old Ivy Rd.
  • 2405 Ivy Rd.
  • Central Grounds @ Ridleyt Hall
  • UVA Health @ Lane Rd.
  • Central Grounds @ UVA Bookstore

Drivers can only pick up and drop off at these designated stops. As a courtesy, please let your driver know which stop you want.

What if I have accessibility needs?

UVA faculty, staff, and students with accessibility requirements can use DART, an on-demand, fare-free, curb-to-curb para-transportation service for UVA students and employees. DART requires an application submitted to EOCR prior to use.

Lost and Found Policy

Lost items found on Old Ivy Shuttle vans are brought to the UTS lost and found at 1101 Millmont Street, following the UTS lost and found policy. Any items left on a van will remain there until the end of the day. Please call 434-924-7711 and the dispatcher will help you identify the van or confirm if your item has been brought in.

Parking and Transportation policy prohibits van operators from discussing lost items over the handheld radios. Items not in the UTS lost and found may have been brought to the lost and found in Newcomb Hall, or the University Police Department.

Parking and Transportation is not responsible for items lost or left on a van.