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Important P&T Information and Updates

  • Parking meters and pay stations in all applicable parking locations have been removed or deactivated. Please use ParkMobile to pay for metered parking.
  • Parking permits, including student permits, are now on sale. Faculty, Staff, and Students, can visit the Online Parking Portal to purchase a permit.
  • Find information about home football gameday parking, HERE.

Safe Ride

Notice: Service Change

Beginning Monday night, August 31, 2020, Safe Ride service will be provided via UVA's Safe Ride vans.

Safe Ride is an on-demand, fare-free, point-to-point transportation service provided after UTS has stopped service for the night. A valid UVA ID is required to book and board a Safe Ride.

Operating Hours

10:00 PM to 7:30 AM, 7 days a week

Safe Ride does not operate on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, or New Years Day. Consult the Service Schedule for details. 


    Safe Ride encourages everyone who does not need to ride the van to walk (in groups of 2 or more), bike, or scoot to get to their destination.

    Request a Safe Ride

    Please note these changes to Safe Ride service due to COVID-19:

    Face Coverings are Required!

    A face covering over both your nose and mouth is required to ride Safe Ride.

    No Passengers in the Front Seat

    Due to social distancing, all Safe Ride passengers must ride in the rear passenger sections of the vans. The front seat (next to the driver) is not available.

    Plan Ahead! Be Patient, Please Expect Delays

    Due to restraints posed by the need for social distancing, Safe Ride vans are limited to a maximum on 3 passengers on our larger vans and 1 passenger on our smaller vans. With our capacity reduced, we are anticipating service delays, especially during "peak" times.

    Inclement Weather and Emergency Situations

    Safe Ride may discontinue its operation without advance notice should conditions be judged unsafe by the supervisor. During inclement weather and emergency situations, please visit the P&T Operating Status Board to determine if Safe Ride will be in service.

    Prohibited Activities

    Riders displaying any unsafe or prohibited behavior are subject to referral to the University Police Department and/or the Office of the Dean of Students. This behavior includes:

    • Smoking (including e-cigarettes), drinking or eating in the van
    • Belligerent, aggressive, and any other unsafe behavior or activity, including intoxication
    • Repeated instances of being a "no show" for requested rides. (To cancel a ride, call 434-242-1122)
    • Discharging of bodily fluids inside the van.
    The following are not permitted on Safe Ride vans:
    • Luggage, bicycles, and/or any article too large to fit on the rider's lap or at the rider's feet
    • Groups of 3 or more
    • Animals (except Service Animals)
    • Open alcohol containers and/or lit cigarettes/e-cigarettes.

    Service Area 

    Verify Your Ride 

    It is important to verify the authenticity of the Safe Ride vehicle. All Safe Ride vehicles are marked with the Split-V "Safe Ride" branding, have State issued blue license plates, and are driven by uniformed staff members.

    Safe Ride operates the following types of vehicles:

    Safe Ride Van 1 2007 GMC Savana (white)
    Van 1: 2007 GMC Savana (white)
    Safe Ride Van 2 2011 Chevy Express (white)
    Van 2: 2011 Chevy Express (white)
    Safe Ride Van 4 2015 Toyota Sienna (blue)
    Van 4: 2015 Toyota Sienna (blue)
    Safe Ride Van 5 2017 Dodge Caravan (white)
    Van 5: 2017 Dodge Caravan (white)
    Safe Ride Van 6 2010 GMC Savana (white)
    Van 6: 2010 GMC Savana (white)
    Safe Ride Van 7 2017 Ford Transit (white)
    Van 7: 2017 Ford Transit (white)

    Wheelchair Accessible Van: Safe Ride is able to provide transportation via a wheelchair accessible van. Users needing wheelchair accessibility should request a Safe Ride by calling 434.242.1122 and informing the dispatcher.