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UTS is currently operating on Recess and UVA Health Commuter Service Levels

Changes to Moped Parking at Meters

Changes to Moped Parking at Meters

Effective October 1, 2018, parking at North Grounds Recreation (NGR), Slaughter Recreation Center (SRC), Aquatic & Fitness Center (AFC), and O’Hill will convert to a pay-by-plate system. These are all metered locations and require mopeds to park in the designated moped areas and pay for their parking session, which can be done by cash, credit card, or by using the ParkMobile app. 

The maps below indicate the designated moped parking areas (blue boxes) and the associated ParkMobile Zone Number if you should want to use the app for your parking session

moped parking at NGR

North Grounds Recreation (zone #5501):



Moped Parking at Slaughter

Slaughter Recreation Center (zone #5502):

moped parking at AFC

Aquatic & Fitness Center (zone #5503):

O’Hill Meters (zone #5504):