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Important P&T Information and Updates

  • Bus shuttle to and from student vaccine appointments - April 17 and 18. Click HERE for more details.
  • For information regarding parking options for Final Exercises, please visit the Class of 2020 and/or Finals 2021 pages on the Office of Major Events site.
  • University Transit Service (UTS) at the University of Virginia's Department of Parking and Transportation is seeking reliable Transit Bus Drivers. Click HERE for more information!
  • Please use our Operating Status page for today's service level and updates during times of inclement weather.
  • Please see our Service Schedule for the future schedule of daily transit and parking service levels.
  • Safe Ride Van Service is available from 10:00 PM to 7:30 AM, 7 days per week. Capacity is currently limited to two or three passengers per vehicle. Please see our Safe Ride page for more information.
  • Parking meters and pay stations in all applicable parking locations have been removed or deactivated. Please use ParkMobile for metered parking.
  • Parking permits, including student permits can be purchased via the Online Parking Portal.

Parking Promo Code Request

All promo code requests must be approved by the Assistant Director for Parking Services. Submission of a request does not guarantee approval. A minimum of seven business days is required to process promo codes.

Requesters are responsible for the security of the promo code, its use, and subsequent charges. Any inappropriate use of a promo code should be reported to so that the promo code can be cancelled and a new one assigned.

For current rates, please visit our visitor rates page. Overnight parking is prohibited. Violators are subject to towing at the owner's expense. Parking is available on a first come, first served basis.


Billing will occur the following month after your event. Financial reconciliation reports will be emailed upon request. There is a $5 monthly charge for each department for the set up and maintenance of promo codes. 

As a reminder, state funds are not to be used for employee parking.


Your guests will be responsible for contacting or downloading ParkMobile and entering their license plate and promo code according to instructions. Failure to do so may result in a citation.

Requestor Information

Please indicate the level of coverage for parking that you would like to provide
Please indicate the dollar amount.
Please select the method you would prefer to use your promo code.

Please note: due to COVID 19 impacts, kiosks are not available for use at this time. 

Please provide details for other location

Types of Promo Codes

Department Promo Codes

Valid for until January 1st of the following year. Department Promo Codes should only be used internally. 

Event Promo Codes

Customized timeframe for your event.

Visitor Promo Codes

Single use Promo Codes valid until January 1st of the following year or until used. 

Rotating Promo Codes

Assigned cache of weekly or monthly promo codes valid only for the duration of the week/month. 

Please select all that you would like to request
Please indicate the number of staff that will need access to your Department Promo Code
Visitor Promo Codes will be valid for 1 calendar year or until used
Must be between 10 business days and one year in advance. If event is within 10 business days, please call 434-243-3611.
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