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Important P&T Information and Updates

UTS is currently operating on Exam Service. UVA Health Commuter Service is experiencing a detour.

UTS OnDemand Locations

Current OnDemand Locations

*Only available when the UTS Night Pilot is not in service*

To know when that is, check the Service Schedule

14th St NW @ Gordon Ave 

Bond and Bice Houses

14th St NW @ John St

Bonnycastle, Dabney, and Kent Houses

14th St NW @ Madison Ave

Cherry Ave @ 10th St SW

Alderman Library and Clemons Library

Cherry Ave @ Hanover St

Alderman Rd @ Lewis Mountain Rd 

Cherry Ave @ Highland Ave

Alderman Rd @ Morris Rd

Cherry Ave @ Shamrock Rd

Barracks Road Shopping Center

Cherry Ave @ Valley Rd Extension

Copeley Apartments @ Farrish Cir

Cleveland Ave @ Jefferson Park Ave

Copeley Apartments @ Seymour Rd

Cleveland Ave @ Woodland Dr

Copeley Apartments and Law School

Courtenay, Dunglison, and Fitzhugh Houses

Culbreth Road Garage

Gooch and Dillard Houses

Darden School of Business

Hancock, Metcalf, and Lefevre Houses

Emmet/Ivy Garage (EIG)

Jefferson Park Ave @ Brandon Ave

Faulkner Housing

Jefferson Park Ave @ Kent Ter

Fontaine Research Park

Jefferson Park Ave @ Observatory Ave

Garrett Hall and Monroe Hall

Jefferson Park Ave @ Robertson Ave

Gilmer Hall and McCormick Rd Houses

Jefferson Park Ave @ Shamrock Ave - Northbound

Grady Ave @ 10 1/2 St NW

Jefferson Park Ave @ Valley Rd

Grady Ave @ 16th St NW

Johnson, Malone, Norris, and Vaughan Houses

Huntington Village Apartments

Kellogg House

International Residential College (IRC)

Lile-Maupin and Tuttle-Dunnington Houses

Ivy Garden Apartments

Maury Ave @ Clarke Ct

John Paul Jones Arena @ East Lot

Piedmont Housing

John Paul Jones Arena @ West Lot

Rice Hall

Lambeth Field Apartments

Roosevelt Brown Blvd @ King St

Madison Ave @ Preston Ave

Runk Dining and Dillard House

Madison Hall

Runk Dining and Weedon and Whyburn Houses

McCue Center

S6 Student Parking @ Hereford

North Grounds Rec Center (NGR)

Shamrock Rd @ Stratford Ct

O'Neil Hall

Shannon, Gibbons, Woody, and Cauthen Houses

Rugby McIntyre Apartments

Summit St @ Fontaine Ave Ext

Stacey Hall

UVA Hospital @ Pinn Hall

Stadium Garage

Watson-Webb and Balz-Dobie Houses

Student Activities Building (SAB)


The Chapel


The Park


The Standard and The Flats


Training Grounds 


University Ave @ Newcomb Rd


University Forum


University Garden


University Heights


UVA Bookstore


UVA Orthopedic Center Ivy Road


UVA Parking and Transportation (P&T)


Wertland St @ 10th St NW