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Parking Made Easy With ParkMobile

Students, faculty, staff and visitors can now pay for parking with their smartphones using Parkmobile's mobile app or by calling a toll free number: 1-877-727-5457. 

Parkmobile app instructions:

  1. Download the Parkmobile app
  2. Register an account
  3. To start a transaction, enter a UVA Parkmobile zone number
  4. If a space number is required, enter the one found on the ground where you parked
  5. Select your parking duration
  6. Confirm information to start parking session

Parkmobile Metered Parking Locations and Zone Number:

Parkmobile Locations

* NOTE: In addition to the metered parking fee, there is a $0.35 convenience fee per transaction, including extending your parking session time. All Parkmobile locations still accept cash. Make sure you confirm your parking session before you go indoors in order to avoid compromising your cellphone signal