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11th Street Garage

11th Street Garage

117 11th Street

Opening Date: 3/17/2008

Spaces: 1025

Clearance: 7'-14.8'

Valid Permits: Visitors, Patients, and Assigned Access Cards

Payment Methods: Cash, Ticket Validation 

Bike Parking: Sheltered bike parking is available at both the 11th Street and Jefferson Park Avenue entrances.

The Health System 11th Street is located in the center of a block defined by Jefferson Park Avenue, Main Street, 11th Street, and the railroad tracks. Patient parking is provided on all levels of the 11th Street Garage, with Levels B & C reserved at all times for patients only. Levels D-G are reserved for 11th Street Garage permit holders, patients and patient guests, and departmental guests with validations.

Pedestrian Connection to the Health System
There is a pedestrian bridge on Level C that connects the 11th Street Garage to the Lee Street Garage. A second pedestrian bridge on Level A of the Lee Street Garage connects pedestrians to the Health System Primary Care Center.

11th Street Garage Validations: Please take a green ticket when entering the garage. Patients may obtain a validation ticket at the time of their appointment which they can use to exit the garage at no charge. When exiting the garage, patients should stop at the control gate, enter their green ticket into the machine followed by their validation ticket when prompted. Once the ticket reader has validated your ticket, the gate arm will raise. If the ticket reader is unable to read the green or validation ticket, please press the "Call" button located near the ticket reader for assistance. Please note that patient or department guests validations are not meant for employees, residents, or students.

Cash Payments: Visitors exiting the garage without a validation ticket will be required to pay the hourly parking rate. This must be done at one of two available Pay-On-Foot stations. Pay-On-Foot stations are located in the 11th Street Garage near the first floor elevator and near the entrance/exit lanes off of 11th Street. 

Visitors should first enter their green ticket into the Pay-On-Foot station. The amount due will then be displayed on the screen. At this time, cash is the only accepted method of payment (USD). Visitors may then enter dollar bills into the bill slot to make their payment. Once payment is made, the Pay-On-Foot station will return the green ticket which may be used at the ticket reader to exit the garage.
ATM machines are located in the University Hospital cafeteria and in the pedestrian link between the Primary Care Center and the University Hospital.